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The Logical First Step

A proven formula in terms of scale and commitment

Experience has shown us that successful initiatives involve sufficient scale and commitment to produce actionable outcomes. Getting Owl-Equipped is our formula for your success.

Discover the dynamics of what is—and isn't—happening in your space, at a meaningful scale with modest budget and minimal risk.

Getting Owl-Equipped

Includes infrastructure, software and support services

While no two spaces are the same, getting yours Owl-Equipped will nonetheless typically include the following:

  Quantity Description
20 Owl-in-One gateways (or more), capturing ambient Bluetooth advertising packets and forwarding the data, over WiFi or Ethernet, to Pareto Anywhere. Each represents either a logical zone (typically up to 1000ft2) or a specific point of interest.
1 Anonymous occupancy dashboard (or more) on a hosted Kibana instance, accessible to any number of users and configurable even by non-technical users.
1 Hosted instance of Pareto Anywhere open source software forwarding data to the hosted Elasticsearch/Kibana instance.
1 Pareto Anywhere Subscription, offering priority support and preferential pricing.
25 Hours of support including:
  • onboarding and installation assistance
  • dashboard customisation
  • regular, timely data reviews

Getting Owl-Equipped FAQ

The how, the how long and the how much.

  The total cost is typically between $10k and $20k depending on the scale of the deployment and the level of support.

  The data updates in real-time and occupancy patterns can already be observed after the first day and especially after the first week.

  Power and network connectivity (WiFi and/or Ethernet) are all that are required. Each Owl-in-One can be powered from AC mains or from USB.

  Yes   While most users opt for the convenience of a hosted Pareto Anywhere instance and the hosted Elastic Service, advanced users enjoy the freedom to run/host these themselves as they see fit.

  You!   Your data is your data. Regardless whether you use the hosted Elastic Service or host the data yourself, in either case it is your data.

Extend the power of the web to your spaces

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