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Anywhere includes DAIR

Host Pareto Anywhere on the DAIR Cloud from CANARIE

We at reelyActive have taken advantage of the free cloud resources of the DAIR Cloud from CANARIE since 2014, which have proven invaluable to the development and testing of not only Pareto Anywhere, but also the previous iteration of our open source software suite.

We couldn't be more proud to share our open source software—and the know-how to host it on the DAIR Cloud—as a BoosterPack. Read on and definitely take advantage, eh!

"If you’re a Canadian entrepreneur, start-up, or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) with fewer than 500 employees, you can use the DAIR Cloud from CANARIE to access free cloud-based resources to rapidly design, prototype, and validate scalable products and services."

"You can also access reelyActive BoosterPack ("IoT — Digitize any Physical Space"): curated packages of documentation, cloud resources, and sample code that will give you an extra boost in adopting our emerging technologies."

The friendly team at CANARIE

FR   Nous sommes également fiers que les propulseurs de l'ATIR, y-compris le notre (IdO — Numériser l'espace physique) sont disponibles en français!

Extend the power of the web to physical applications

Check out our BoosterPack, eh? DAIR to take advantage!

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