Open Architecture

An Open Architecture

Where wireless and web come together as one

  Physical spaces...

...are occupied by tens of billions of radio-identifiable devices, capable of interfacing with radio infrastructure through wireless standards.

  Digital applications...

...are enabled by the integration of countless software packages, technology stacks and platforms through web standards.

Pareto Anywhere is at the centre of an open technology architecture, connecting the individual elements of the above in any combination, from any mix of vendors.

What for?

Any application. Any physical space.

Standards foster interoperability. Interoperability creates opportunity.

The critical mass of interoperable radio-identifiable devices and infrastructure presents an opportunity for the widespread digitisation of physical spaces. Pareto Anywhere leverages wireless and web standards to pioneer a vendor-agnostic open architecture to democratise this opportunity.

Extend the power of the web to physical applications

Pareto Anywhere is open source. Explore all use cases.

Open Source Use Cases