Infrastructure Layer

Harness the ambient data in your space.

Pareto Anywhere is infrastructure-agnostic open source software.


Edge-capable infrastructure can run Pareto Anywhere software (in part or in its entirety) on the equipment itself.

reelyActive Owl-in-One
Laird IG60-BL654
Laird IG60-BL654

x 2 9-36VDC

Raspberry Pi


Relay infrastructure runs proprietary software which can forward data for processing by Pareto Anywhere on a remote server.

Minew G1
Minew G1


BlueCats BC510
BlueCats BC510



Novel infrastructure provides an alternative means of deployment and connectivity.

reelyActive reelceivers


  Yes   For a given MOQ (minimum order quantity) it is typically possible/recommended to source equipment directly from the manufacturer. In small quantities and/or for convenience, the equipment listed here may be sourced through reelyActive.

  Yes   Pareto Anywhere supports multiple use cases while being infrastructure-agnostic.

  Definitely not   There are countless gateways and other types of infrastructure capable of integrating with or running Pareto Anywhere. If you feel a specific model is missing from this page, take action and let us know!

Embrace Data Freedom

Choose where and how to store and manipulate data from your infrastructure.

Choose complementary use cases to maximise your return on investment.

Choose radio-identifiable devices best suited for your use cases.

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Embrace the ambient data in your space.

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