Application Layer

Manipulate the ambient data in your space.

Pareto Anywhere is application-agnostic open source software.


Software stacks bundle elements to store, manipulate and analyse the standard data stream from Pareto Anywhere.

Elastic Stack
Elastic Stack

/ Apache 2.0

GA & Data Studio
GA & Data Studio


  Yes   Pareto Anywhere is tightly integrated with the Elastic Stack because it too is open source, continuously improving, can run anywhere, and provides a powerful and versatile analytics interface with Kibana, which is accessible to technical and non-technical users alike.

  Yes   The standard data stream from Pareto Anywhere can be directed to multiple endpoints simultaneously.

  Yes   You have the freedom to complete the integration with our open source code yourself, or our team can assist with the integration as part of an Acceleration Package.

  Definitely not   There are countless databases and software applications compatible with the standard data stream from Pareto Anywhere. If you feel a specific integration is missing from this page, take action and let us know!

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Embrace the ambient data in your space.

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