Get Started

Dive right in!

All Pareto Anywhere features are bundled into our hlc-server software package.

git clone
cd hlc-server
npm install
npm start

docker run -p 3001:3001 -p 50000:50000/udp -p 50001:50001/udp reelyactive/hlc-server

Check out our tutorial for the Raspberry Pi. It boils down to:

git clone
cd pi-suite
npm install
npm start

We have not yet felt sufficient pressure to bundle hlc-server into an executable. Currently, the only command-line-free option is to browse to an existing instance of Pareto Anywhere.

Observe some data!

Provide Pareto Anywhere with a real-time wireless packet data stream to process

  Emulate hardware

No hardware? No problem! Select the option to emulate hardware from the web interface.

  Connect hardware

reelyActive Owl-in-Ones are factory-configured to establish a WLAN and broadcast their data to any computer that connects, using the following WiFi credentials:

  • SSID: reelyActive
  • Pass: owl-in-one

Extend the power of the web to physical applications

Check out diyActive. Add hardware with a Showcase Kit.

  Developer Page Order a Showcase Kit