Asset Tracking

Locate assets and equipment in real-time and analyse their movements through physical spaces.

Use Case

Take action with your data

  • Maximise productivity by minimising search times
  • Reduce human errors and administrative burdens
  • Automate asset workflows
  • Predict equipment shortages & maintenance
  • Manage inventory effectively
  • Ensure process & regulatory compliance

Achieve your desired outcome

Analytics Dashboards

Access and manipulate asset location data with ease from a web browser. Monitor asset availability and usage, trigger alerts, manage inventories and more.

Flexible Integration

Integrate the standard-format data with any third-party platform. Develop custom features and applications using APIs and insightful tutorials.

Adopted by


  Bluetooth Low Energy   The ability for devices to transmit configurable identifiers over a range of 10m or more makes Bluetooth Low Energy an ideal technology for asset tracking. Pareto Anywhere is nonetheless radio-protocol-agnostic.

  Third-Party   Many third-party vendors offer Bluetooth tags, such as these, in a variety of form factors to accommodate assets of all shapes and sizes, and even harsh operating conditions. Devices with standard or documented payloads are supported by Pareto Anywhere.

  Yes   See the Interaction Detection use case.

Embrace Data Freedom

Choose where and how to store and manipulate your asset tracking data.

Choose complementary use cases to maximise your return on investment.

Choose the relationship and model that's best suited for your business.

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Embrace the ambient data in your space.

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