Asset Tracking

Locate assets and equipment in real-time and/or analyse their movements through physical spaces.

Why track assets?

Asset availability drives operational efficiency

  • Objectively measure usage patterns to gain actionable insights
  • Identify when and where to improve processes
  • Optimise productivity and inventory (and hence the bottom line!)

What's measured?

Asset journeys on any meaningful timescale

Access and manipulate data with ease through standard web platforms* to:

  • Observe asset location and behaviour over time
  • Compare the performance of spaces against target metrics
  • Focus on what matters to you (your data is your business!)

* Kibana dashboard shown here

Dashboard tutorial

How does this work?

Assets are identified and located by an affixed beacon

  •   Plug-and-play infrastructure is deployed
  •   A third-party Bluetooth Low Energy beacon is affixed to each asset
  •   Pareto Anywhere open source software processes and relays the real-time data stream
  •   Real-time asset location is accessible through Pareto Anywhere web apps and APIs
  •   Data is stored in Elasticsearch* or any other database
  •   Data is analysed in Kibana* or any other analytics software

* Pareto Anywhere the open source Elastic Stack

Success Stories

From those who use Pareto Anywhere for asset tracking

We now know in real-time where our equipment is, from the warehouse to the truck to the drop at the job site.

Restoration Co Inc.

Extend the power of the web to physical applications

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