Proximity Interaction Detection

Observe real-time interactions:   Who is with whom?   Who is with what?

How does this work?

DirAct™ badges detect one another, as well as asset beacons, in close proximity

  •   Plug-and-play infrastructure is deployed
  •   Personnel wear a third-party Bluetooth Low Energy badge programmed with DirAct™ firmware
  •   A third-party Bluetooth Low Energy beacon is affixed to each asset
  •   Pareto Anywhere open source software processes and relays the real-time data stream
  •   Real-time location and interactions are accessible through Pareto Anywhere web apps and APIs
  •   Data is stored in Elasticsearch* or any other database
  •   Data is analysed in Kibana* or any other analytics software

* Pareto Anywhere the open source Elastic Stack

Success Stories

From those who use Pareto Anywhere for proximity interaction detection

Interactions among healthcare staff and with patients add granularity to our study on workplace stress factors.


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