Occupancy Analytics

Make sense of how physical spaces are being used by observing the signals that are already present. Collect and analyse data to continuously improve both operations and the occupant experience.

Use Case

Take action with your data

  • Optimise real estate spend
  • Adapt your space according to usage trends
  • Alleviate queues to deliver seamless experiences
  • Eliminate impediments to occupant wellness and productivity
  • Improve safety and security measures
  • Foster a culture of digital innovation

Achieve your desired outcome

Analytics Dashboards

Access and manipulate occupancy data with ease from a web browser. Visualise and communicate insights such as peak occupancy, room utilisation and more.

Flexible Integration

Integrate the standard-format data with any third-party platform. Develop custom features and applications using APIs and insightful tutorials.

Adopted by


  Yes   Smartphones and wearables which generate ambient Bluetooth Low Energy packet traffic regularly cycle their identifiers. Only with explicit user opt-in do mobile operating systems permit applications to transmit non-randomised identifiers.

  No   It is not possible to accurately count occupants in absolute terms. Nonetheless, relative occupancy by zone and/or over time can indeed be observed and applied to business rules.

  Many   Pareto Anywhere is most often used for occupancy analytics in workplaces across industries, and is also used in retail, culture and institutions.

Embrace Data Freedom

Choose where and how to store and manipulate your occupancy analytics data.

Choose complementary use cases to maximise your return on investment.

Choose the relationship and model that's best suited for your business.

Our call to actionable

Embrace the ambient data in your space.

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