Occupancy Analytics

Make sense of how physical spaces are being used by observing the signals that are already present. Collect and analyse data to continuously improve both operations and the occupant experience.

Why analyse occupancy?

Occupants are typically the most valuable resources in any given space

  • Objectively measure usage patterns to gain actionable insights
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • Optimise productivity and experience (and hence the bottom line!)

What's measured?

Relative occupancy on any meaningful timescale

Access and manipulate data with ease through standard web platforms* to:

  • Observe room / zone / building occupancy over time
  • Compare the performance of spaces against target metrics
  • Focus on what matters to you (your data is your business!)

* Kibana dashboard shown here

Dashboard tutorial

How does this work?

Ambient wireless signals are measured as foot traffic

  •   Plug-and-play infrastructure is deployed
  •   Occupants are anonymously detected by the ambient wireless signals of the devices they already carry (no change management!)
  •   Pareto Anywhere open source software processes and relays the real-time data stream
  •   Data is stored in Elasticsearch* or any other database
  •   Data is analysed in Kibana* or any other analytics software

* Pareto Anywhere the open source Elastic Stack

Success Stories

From those who use Pareto Anywhere for occupancy analytics

The data we collected confirmed that we could reduce our office space by 15% and continue to meet our top-notch employee experience targets.

Serge Bendahan, Desjardins

The freedom to access visitor traffic data at any level allows us to develop tailored event analysis tools for our clients.

Jay Hébert, Elevent

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