Pricing and Business Model

No-cost model

Enjoy the freedom to experiment with and to extend Pareto Anywhere free-of-cost.


Up to any scale

Subscription model

Enjoy prioritised, discounted service and support while promoting the continuous development of Pareto Anywhere.


Up to 100 units of infrastructure


Each additional unit of infrastructure

Compare Models

  Without Subscription With Subscription
  Software access and use Free Free
  Documentation access Free Free
  Feature requests & bug fixes Availability-based Priority 
  Support & service access Availability-based Priority 
  Support & service pricing Standard rates Preferred rates 
  First 100 infrastructure units $0 $2500/year (total)
  Additional infrastructure units $0 $25/year (each)

Business Model FAQ

The how and why of our business model.

  A unit of infrastructure is any radio device whose received packet stream is processed by Pareto Anywhere software.

  The number of units of infrastructure is correlated with the volume of data to process, and hence the pressure on Pareto Anywhere's performance and scalability. Contribution to the continuous development of Pareto Anywhere is indexed to these factors.

  The base annual charge ensures we can provide a consistent, high level of service to each of our subscribers, regardless of their scale of operation.

  Yes   For simplicity and efficiency, subscriptions are always billed annually, without exception.

  In a word: value. Years of experience have led us to this model which maximises the value for those who choose to subscribe. If you don't find sufficient value in the subscription model, then the no-cost model is surely the better option for you. That's exactly how we feel it should be!

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