• Wireless traffic

Listen. The signals are already there.

Pareto makes sense of the wireless traffic openly shared by devices in your space.
Observe and optimise what matters for your business using the web tools you know.

A real-time data stream

Pareto processes wireless packet traffic into a real-time data stream of WHO or WHAT is WHERE and HOW.

Pareto Web Apps

Pareto's web-standard APIs enable a growing library of handy web applications which highlight the platform's limitless potential.


Pareto features one-click integration with Google Analytics so you can apply the web's most popular tool to interpret real-world behaviour!


A universal model that facilitates calculation of cost and ROI.
Add reelyActive infrastructure* or leverage existing third-party infrastructure.

  • Pareto Service

    Billed annually:

    $0.20 / ft2 / year

  • *Infrastructure

    One-time turnkey price:

    $0.50 / ft2

Get Pareto

Our Showcase Kit includes a full year of Pareto SaaS, plus hardware and expert support.