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Connect your space in an instant and observe the data in real-time from your Pareto dashboard.
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What does it do?

The included sensor listens for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy devices and streams their wireless packets to the Pareto cloud service.

In other words, the kit detects and identifies wireless devices such as smartphones, wearables and electronic appliances that "advertise" themselves in your space.

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How do I use the data?

Observe the visitors in your space in real-time. ➞ How many are there? How long has each been there? What devices are they carrying?

Gain insights from daily and weekly reports. ➞ When does my space receive the most visits? For how long? What devices are the most popular?

Enable one-click integration with your Google Analytics account to collect and measure foot traffic as if it were clicks on your webpage!

That works?

What do I need?

All you need is an Internet-connected router/switch with a free Ethernet port, and an AC outlet (or USB port).

Our team will ensure you get comfortably up and running once you receive your kit.

How exactly?

What's included?

  • Owl-in-One sensor (BLE)
  • USB-AC adapter with global compatibility (North American plug)
  • One-month trial of Pareto

Connecting your space has never been easier.

Start a one-month trial for only $199 USD.

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